This is Why Your Summer Skin Care Products Stopped Working

Why Your Summer Skin Care Products Stopped Working | RefinedMD

This is Why Your Summer Skin Care Products Stopped Working

Have you noticed that when the seasons change, your skin care products don’t seem to work as well? That’s because your skin is an organ and there are numerous factors that affect its health and beauty, including environmental stressors and changing seasons. RefinedMD carries all of the top medical-grade skin care products so that you can adjust your regimen to suit your skin’s changing needs throughout the seasons.

Of course, if you don’t use medical-grade products, that’s also a major reason why you’re not seeing results! Medical-grade skin care products are the only products legally allowed to contain the best ingredients in the highest concentrations. It’s also why medical-grade products look so much smaller compared to what you get in a grocery store. If it’s not medical-grade, you’re looking at either a lot of useless fillers or costly ingredients that don’t do anything (but can garner a higher price tag). Don’t let the cost of medical-grade products scare you. In the long run, it’s actually a comparable price to purchase medical-grade products compared to OTC products because a little really does go a long way.

Cooler Weather Skin Woes

So, what exactly does cooler weather do to the skin? It depends, but an issue many people notice this time of year is either dry or oily skin. Surprisingly, the right moisturizer is often the necessary fix for both. When your oil production seems out of whack, it can be a sign that your skin is struggling to regulate its natural production. Almost everyone needs a medical-grade moisturizer, no matter your skin type. The secret is getting matched with the right moisturizer and reassessing it every few months.

You might also be noticing acne outbreaks this time of year. External factors, including the weather, can exacerbate breakouts. Acne is a medical condition, and sometimes a serious one. Working with a dermatologist and using the right products are necessary for stopping and preventing acne breakouts. OTC acne topicals only work for very mild acne and on certain patients. Most people need more help.

Finally, if you’ve noticed an influx of hyperpigmentation in the past few weeks, you’re not imagining it. It’s very common for summer skin damage to start to show up now. The first sign of sun damage is a burn or pink skin, sometimes followed by a tan. However, real sun damage doesn’t show up until much later. In fact, much of the brown spots and hyperpigmentation you see might be years or decades in the making! Medical-grade skin care products can help reduce hyperpigmentation and even out skin tone.

The Importance of At-Home Care

We are sometimes asked which is more important, in-office treatments or at-home care. They are both equally important, and it’s a good idea to commit fully to both. At-home care with medical-grade products is what you can do to help your skin on a daily basis. It’s the foundation for healthy skin. However, you can take care to the next level with routine in-office treatments.

Chemical peels, laser skin rejuvenation, microneedling, and many other procedures and treatments performed in-office can boost your skin to the next level. With these options, you can achieve the kind of results you just can’t manage at home. Skin care is both a sprint (in-office treatments) and a marathon (at-home care). Cross-training for skin care is ideal, and just like a workout you need to constantly reassess where you are to identify means of improvement. Your skin is always changing, as are the seasons, and of course stressors come and go. You can stay on top of it all with the help of expert guidance.

Getting Started with the Right Products

Are you ready to see what the right products can do for you? We’re here to help match you with what you need—nothing more and nothing less—as we segue into the cooler months. Let’s talk about your skin concerns, goals, and what products you need right now. Already know what works? You can shop our online store today!

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