Thread Facelift: When You’re Not Ready for Surgery

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Thread Facelift: When You’re Not Ready for Surgery

A surgical facelift can offer astonishing results, but there are also risks and serious downtime. RefinedMD specializes in offering only the safest and most effective treatments, including a thread facelift—the surgical alternative. Thread facelifts are fast, easy, and clients can immediately return to their daily lives.

Non-surgical alternatives to facelifts are on the rise with procedures like thread facelifts, Ultherapy, and fillers helping both men and women look and feel their best. Thread facelifts work by utilizing micro-sutures to inflame the skin for an organic collagen boost. Dissolvable sutures instantly lift the skin in a discreet way. One side of the face is completed first so clients can gauge the results and customize the completion of the procedure. No bruising or swelling occurs.

Ultherapy is an energy-based procedure that uses radio-frequency or Sonar to heat collagen and instantly tighten skin. It can be a great complement to a thread facelift and often available during the same appointment. However, sagging and lax skin is just one common complaint of aged or damaged skin. Volume is also lost with age, but can be revitalized with fillers. A wide range of fillers, such as Juvederm and Botox, are available to create the right amount of plumpness and smoothness almost anywhere volume has been lost.

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Although nothing can match the significant results of a surgical facelift, many clients are not quite ready for such a procedure. A lot of clients will never be comfortable with cosmetic surgery. Thread facelifts are an excellent choice as a pre-facelift to gain more time before considering surgery, or they can also be a permanent alternative for those passing on surgical options. Thread facelifts, Ultherapy, and fillers are safe, very effective, and available in short appointments. To learn more or to schedule your consultation for a pre-facelift procedure, contact RefinedMD today.