Too Hot to Handle? Dermal Fillers Can Make You, Too, a “National Security Threat”

Dermal Fillers Can Make You a “National Security Threat” | RefinedMD

Too Hot to Handle? Dermal Fillers Can Make You, Too, a “National Security Threat”

Lip fillers have long been one of the most popular types of dermal fillers, and at RefinedMD we offer all of the best, safest, and most effective HA and non-HA fillers for lips (and more!). Many people, men and women alike, love the look of lip fillers. But what happens when these fillers make you too hot to handle? For one British soldier, Georgie Goodey, her luscious lips led to an online tirade that claimed she was a “national security threat.” According to the soldier in the British Army, she was told that she “shouldn’t be in the military because of the work I’d had done.”

The pageant winner and online influencer even had some trolls claim she would be too easy to identify by the enemy because of her lips. Even after another troll outed her military unit online, Goodey says she plans to continue to serve her country—and that, of course, her cosmetically enhanced good looks have zero impact on her abilities as a soldier. In fact, Goodey continues to compete in pageants, serving face when she isn’t serving her country.

Lip Service

Goodey is the 2019 Miss Essex title holder and has her eyes on the Miss Great Britain pageant coming up this year. However, internet trolls attacked this career, too. Goodey says that many said she shouldn’t be allowed to compete since she isn’t completely natural. “My eyebrows are semi-permanently tattooed on,” she says. “I’ve had Botox and lip fillers … I probably have my lips done every six months, and the same with Botox, but I think that’s quite common now because it’s so accessible.”

Goodey is right. Thousands of people stick to a lip filler regimen, enjoying the volume they’ve lost over the years or the pout they’ve always wanted. “I think what’s frustrating about the comments is that I’m a huge believer in women having the choice and not criticizing each other for making that choice,” Goodey explains. While Goodey seems to have had more syringes injected than what most people opt for, ultimately a good injector will work with the client to achieve desired results.

Fillers for a Little Extra Help

Most people are good with a single syringe of lip fillers (though it’s common to have fillers in other areas, such as the cheeks, so using more than one syringe per appointment is very common). However, others benefit from 2+ syringes of lip fillers. Fillers can and should be wholly customized just for you. And when it comes to getting those results, bear in mind that there’s only so much you can achieve “naturally.” Plus, HA fillers are made with a synthetic form of hyaluronic acid, a protein that your body naturally produces.

Goodey says, “Personally, I don’t see me having lip fillers and Botox any differently than me going to the gym and getting the body I want.” She denies that these procedures are “cheating” for pageantry, and of course many other contestants get the same treatments. “If you can do something to change anything about yourself that you are maybe unhappy with, you should be able to do that free from judgment,” she says.

Fillers Your Way

Results from HA fillers are immediate, though some swelling and redness is common. It takes up to two weeks to see the “real,” settled results. Those new to fillers can always opt for one syringe or less to see the outcome, then add fillers afterward. You do not have to wait long to add more fillers, but should wait until major swelling has subsided. Depending on the type of filler you get, results usually last 12 – 18 months, and the majority of clients return to “re-up” their lips because they love the look.

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