Vaginal Rejuvenation Key to Women’s Health, Says Experts

Vaginal Rejuvenation: Key to Women’s Health | RefinedMD

Vaginal Rejuvenation Key to Women’s Health, Says Experts

For years the primary focus has been on men’s sexual health, but fortunately, times have changed. RefinedMD offers only the best, safest procedures for all clients including the latest feminine rejuvenation treatments. While some doctors suggest vaginal rejuvenation is purely aaesthetic, a growing number of experts say the procedure can play a vital role in women’s health.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Conditions

There are a number of vaginal functional complaints, especially with age or with certain medical conditions. This can include dryness, laxity, and decreased sensation. From stress, urinary incontinence, to inability to climax, there are numerous issues that vaginal rejuvenation can address. Re-shaping labia for a more aaesthetically pleasing appearance is just one aspect of vaginal rejuvenation—albeit an important one. When a woman looks and feels her best, she is more confident and able to fully enjoy herself.

Vaginal rejuvenation can refer to internal or external procedures. The procedure(s) can better a woman’s sex life and self-esteem. Some of the misconceptions surrounding vaginal rejuvenation stem from its all-encompassing name. While the vagina is solely the interior pathway that leads to the cervix, vaginal rejuvenation also refers to the exterior genitalia or vulva. However, VR can also address the various layers within the vagina including the mucosa or fibrous tissue. This is where collagen and elastin, the key ingredients to youthfulness, reside.

The mucosa is the part of the interior vagina that you can feel. It has a similar texture to the inside of the cheeks. It heals quickly and, in a young and healthy woman, has just the right amount of natural lubrication. However, with age and dropping estrogen levels, the mucosa can become irritated, dry, and cause pain during sex. A recent US Census survey found that half of post-menopausal women have these side effects.

Vaginal tone can also decrease after childbirth, because of menopause, or simply due to age. Lack of collagen means the tissue is lax which leads to lost sensation and incontinence. VR technology can reverse this damage and lost elastin with radiofrequency, a non-surgical procedure.

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