What Causes Bad Lip Filler Results and How to Avoid Them

What Causes Bad Lip Filler Results and How to Avoid Them | RefinedMD

What Causes Bad Lip Filler Results and How to Avoid Them

We’ve all seen our fair share of bad lip “jobs” from duck lips to pout trout. You see the media reporting it every time a celebrity goes too far, and you’ve probably seen a few incidents in real life. So, why do you see so many bad lip jobs? Because you don’t actually “see” good lip jobs. When lip fillers or a lip flip is done correctly, like at RefinedMD, you’re not going to notice it. The reality is that you see scores of people all the time with great lip treatments but—since they’re strangers—you don’t have a clue. If it seems like more and more beautiful people have gorgeous lips, that’s not a coincidence. That’s a lip procedure done right.

Unfortunately, when lip injections first became available many years ago, the technology and skillsets just weren’t where they needed to be. Plus, like with any new treatment, the media (and all of us) were hyper-aware of what was happening. In the early days of common lip fillers, the early aughts, there were images plastered all over the place of duck lips gone awry. This has led to a generation of people who just don’t think lip fillers can be done naturally or beautifully—and this has unfortunately scared a lot of people away from getting the results they want and would love.

A Double Whammy of Lip Jobs Gone Wrong

There are two barriers to getting the lips you want, either from lip injections or the lip flip. One is a person’s understandable fear of getting unnatural-looking lips. Even though lip injections are temporary, nobody wants to be stuck with fake-looking lips, even for a few months. The other issue is that there are still providers out there who don’t understand the nuances of lip anatomy, which can (and often does) lead to poor lip treatments.

So, how do you know if a provider is skilled? There are a few clues. For starters, avoid “salons” or other such places that lack highly-trained providers on staff. A clinic that is both a medical and cosmetic facility is where you will find the best providers. Another way is to check out the provider’s before and after photos. This should be done for any treatment, but with lip procedures you’ll get peace of mind in getting a sneak peek of what your outcome will look like.

Who Gets Lip Treatments?

Clients who want lip fillers fall into two camps. There are patients who are typically 40+ who realize they’ve lost volume in their lips. They might also notice that their lip’s vermillion (the pink part) doesn’t have a clear border anymore. There are structural defects at work here that simply happen with age. A cupid’s bow might flatten or the philtral columns might be effaced. If there is a lot of deflation, usually of the upper lip, that can lead to an especially unflattering look.

The second camp is younger patients, usually in their 20s and 30s. They already have solid lip architecture but what they want is that gorgeous social media pout that you see on every celebrity today. They want volume, volume, volume. It seems like this groups should be easier to treat, but the risk here is overtreatment—which is why you should only trust a skilled provider for gorgeous results.

What a Great Provider will Avoid

The biggest clue of a “fake” lip is what is sometimes dubbed the sausage lips. There are natural changes in a lip’s volume, with upper and lower lips being totally unique. If a provider makes the lips look identical, it’s going to scream bad lip job. There’s also the error of ruining the golden ratio. For most people, the upper lip should be about 66% of the bottom lip when seen in profile. This is based on Fibonacci’s figure that details beauty, and it should be followed when considering lip injections. Finally, the cupid’s bow should be retained or restored with a lip treatment. It cannot be broadened or flattened if you want a natural look.

A reputable provider will stick by these principles so you get an outcome you love. Of course, with the lip flip, it’s a little different. Injecting Botox rather than fillers into just the upper lip to “flip” it out and hide a gummy smile is an art form and you don’t want just anyone performing it. No matter what you have in mind for your lip upgrade, RefinedMD has you covered. Call the office or fill out the online form to book your consult or appointment today.