What is HALO and What Can it Do for You?

HALO and What Can it Do for You? | RefinedMD, Los Gatos + San Jose

What is HALO and What Can it Do for You?

Beyonce had it right when she said, “Baby, I can see your halo, you know you’re my saving grace.” As always, Queen Bey was ahead of her time, and at RefinedMD we can relate to that predicament. We were one of the first to offer HALO in the area, and like most trendsetters, sometimes it takes people a while to catch up. If you’re wondering what exactly HALO is and how it’s different than other laser treatments, you’re certainly not alone. HALO is the world’s first hybrid laser, which means it includes all of the best features of the laser and light treatments you know and love (like IPL and broadband light)—plus a little more.

The Heavenly Treatment

HALO can treat pigmentation issues, big pores, fine lines, and general poor skin texture all in one treatment. But what makes this treatment really angelic is that it has none of the downtime traditionally associated with such treatments. When you think “laser,” you might think Fraxel, and if you’ve had Fraxel laser treatments, you know how intense the recovery period can be. Fraxel yielded results, but not without multiple passes, numerous treatments, plenty of pain and swelling, and significant downtime. (HALO is definitely accurately named, because if you underwent Fraxel you know HALO is heaven-sent!).

But how exactly does HALO manage optimal results without any side effects? The secret is in its wavelength technology. This technology is especially great at fixing pigmentation and textural issues with just one or two treatments, plus it excels at shrinking pore size and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. We all lose our youthful glow with age, and sun exposure along with genetics can exacerbate our aging concerns. HALO addresses issues at the superficial and deeper levels of the skin in the same session. Previously, you had to choose one or the other—superficial or deep—and undergo multiple treatments with different lasers. HALO changed everything when it was developed thanks to its hybrid approach.

You won’t be able to address multiple layers of the skin with any other system. HALO provides dermal and epidermal renewal with a synergistic effect unprecedented in dermatology. Plus, HALO is 100% customizable. There’s no such thing as a one size fits all solution when it comes to skin care, considering we all have different skin types, issues, and goals. During your HALO appointment, your skin will be assessed so that customized settings are secured for both laser systems. For those who largely want to focus on superficial treatments, you can expect full recovery in one or two days. Prefer to go deeper or get more aggressive? Enjoy real improvement in tone, lines, and textures with just a little more downtime.

No matter your skin woes, HALO can help. The system addresses virtually any skin condition (except for redness) including visible aging signs, poor texture, sun damage, and hyperpigmentation. Most clients are thrilled of the difference after a single HALO treatment, although there are some clients who prefer multiple or ongoing treatments for optimal and long-lasting results. The most common recommendation is one HALO treatment per year for fabulous, youthful-looking skin.

To ensure maximum comfort during your HALO treatment, a topical anaesthetic is applied. The treatment itself is most often described as a light prickling or hot sensation that is noticeable but not painful, with a “pain rating” of 2.5 out of 10. Post-treatment, you can expect your skin to feel warm for 20 – 60 minutes, and cool air or an ice compress can quickly provide relief to the treated area. Plan to rest for about 24 hours after treatment and keep skin clean and cool before returning to normal daily activities. You can begin wearing skin creams, makeup, and sunscreen 24 hours after the treatment, but avoid exfoliating or Retin-A products for one week post-HALO.

Clients can use Alastin Skin Nectar for several weeks pre- and post-HALO treatment to best protect their skin. You can further maximize your results with Sente or DefenAge, both of which are available at RefinedMD. Interested in really making the most of HALO? Use of these products and treatments help maximize results not only of the immediate HALO effects, but for months afterwards. A multi-treatment approach is the best way to extend results and sustain that HALO glow.

To date, every HALO patient has raved about the results and experience. It’s easy, fast, and the recovery period is virtually non-existent. Everyone is absolutely thrilled about the results—including Dr. Swengel. He has personally experienced HALO and calls it one of the most “refined” laser offerings available in the world. He’s so impressed by the results that he’s encouraged fellow Bay Club members to try it out and gets a high five and thumbs up from everyone he’s treated.

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