What We Really Need to Talk About When Discussing Meghan Markle’s Alleged Facelift

Meghan Markle’s Alleged Facelift | RefinedMD, Los Gatos

What We Really Need to Talk About When Discussing Meghan Markle’s Alleged Facelift

“Meghan Markle facelift” is a trending phrase on search engines, and in April it skyrocketed by 160 percent on Google. Similar phrases include “Meghan Markle new face” and “Meghan Markle recent photos.” We might not ever know if Markle got a facelift or mini lift or not, but we do know that at RefinedMD facelifts are one of the most popular plastic surgeries. However, what nobody seems to be talking about is—facelift or not—Markle is looking good. Clearly, whether it’s a surgical procedure or non-surgical, she is changing up her look and we love it.

Some commentators seem to think her face is just like it’s always been. “Flawless,” according to one. There’s of course the possibility that a change in skin care routine and/or age is making a difference. After all, everyone loses fat in their face as they get older, and this can be particularly noticeable for women who are already slender or in shape. Unfortunately, many people who are talking about what Markle has “had done” are using the shift in her appearance to attack her, with some even calling it a snub to the royal family. According to one reporter, “It’s reactions like this that explain exactly why Meghan would rather stay home for her child’s birthday than attend the King’s coronation … who needs the stress, if a mere hairstyle causes this much furor?”

A New Look

In addition to what many consider a more youthful, slimmer face, Markle was also snapped sporting a sleek, blown out hairstyle. Some tried to compare her to Kate Middleton—or said that she was trying to look like Middleton—when in reality, the middle-parted chic look is a pretty common aesthetic. There are others who say she was perhaps trying to look like a Hollywood celebrity (which is already part of her background), with one asking, “Is she going for Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, or Jennifer Aniston here?” Another hinted that it was probably surgery rather than a hairstyle, saying, “I think Meghan’s public absence has been explained. And it was nothing to do with the children.” Yet another took a guess at what treatments she’s undergone, writing, “Facelift, filler dissolved in lips, buccal fat removal, more filler in cheeks, Botox, more subtle veneers, chin implant is my guess.”

Today’s facelift techniques would certainly make it easy to hide any surgeries. Incisions are small, and at Markle’s age and with her already-beautiful skin, if she did have any facial surgery it was probably a mini lift. Incisions are hidden in the crevices of the ears and invisible to the naked eye. It would be rare for any woman in her 30s to get a full facelift, and especially a celebrity like Markle who already had naturally beautiful skin plus the means to invest in the best skin care regimens and products. Yet another commenter chimed in that “she had under her eyes filled and an eye lift.” Eyelid lifts (blepharoplasty) and facelifts are common bed mates—as is combining lifts with fillers—but yet again this would be quite early for someone Markle’s age. (But, spoiler, if you’re interested in facelifts, eyelid lifts, Botox, fillers, and more we do it all at RefinedMD!).

Why We’re Obsessed with the What Rather than the Outcome

Everyone loves guessing what celebrities have had done, but what we overlook is just how good most of them look when they change things up. Of course, Markle’s team has declined to comment on anything, although “insiders” who are close to her have denied any surgical claims. Unfortunately, we still live in an era where admitting to plastic surgery is a faux pas in some circles. That’s changing, but if you want discrete results then today’s techniques from the best surgeons have you covered.

Some sources who have worked with Markle have pointed out that the weight shifts from two pregnancies are at the core of the changes. She recently lost the last of the baby weight, which could easily account for her newer, trimmer look. Another insider told The Post that she “loves” her nose and didn’t want to change her face, though she does play with makeup contouring. And it’s clear she changed her hair color (who doesn’t in spring?), while Botox and fillers are the norm for many. If you’re ready for a fresh new spring look, contact RefinedMD today to learn more about facelifts, other surgical options, and minimally or non-invasive treatments. Call the clinic during business hours or complete the online contact form today.