Why Cosmelan Isn’t Your Regular Peel

Why Cosmelan Isn’t Your Regular Peel | RefinedMD, Los Gatos

Why Cosmelan Isn’t Your Regular Peel

Whether you’ve had a chemical peel or not before, you might have a solid idea of what this procedure entails. At RefinedMD, we offer a suite of different peels for a variety of skin types and goals, and that includes the Cosmelan Peel. However, you’ll soon see that Cosmelan is much more than a peel, starting with the initial process. Typically, chemical peels come in light/superficial, medium, and deep depths. It’s very rare to find deep peels these days since they are very aggressive, painful, and can require days of downtime. If you remember Samantha’s beekeeper hat from Sex and the City, meant to mask a deep peel recovery, you’ll understand why deep peels are out of style.

Most light and medium peels require an in-office application. Many peels are clear or nearly transparent in color. Sometimes the peel is removed in-office. Some very light peels might be removed at home. In both situations, clients usually feel comfortable getting right back to their day without anybody realizing they’ve had a treatment. That isn’t possible with the Cosmelan peel. You will need to carve out a day of care for the world’s leading de-pigmentation treatment.

The Cosmelan Difference

A Cosmelan Peel isn’t a deep peel. You’re not going into hiding for up to 12 hours because of necessary recovery. Instead, the Cosmelan Peel’s first step is an in-office application. Unlike other peels, it is mud-colored and quite obvious you have a topical on your face. Depending on your skin and pigmentation severity, your provider might recommend you keep the peel on anywhere from 8 – 12 hours. It will look like you’re wearing a mud mask and while it’s completely comfortable, most people avoid being in public or on Zoom calls while it’s on. But this is just step 1 of the Cosmelan Peel.

“Standard” peels work on the surface of the skin. They chemically remove the top layer of skin to get rid of surface-level imperfections while stimulating collagen production below the surface. Of course, medium peels go deeper than light peels (and may cause lingering pinkness for a day or two). Chemical peels are vehicles delivering concentrated exfoliating acids to address a myriad of skin concerns including brown spots, poor skin tone and texture, and wrinkles. The Cosmelan method indeed removes spots just like other peels, but it also has a regulating action—it stops the body’s overproduction of hyperpigmentation so brown spots will not reappear. Other peels fix surface issues, but Cosmelan gets to the origin of the problem.

Cosmelan 2 and 3

The topical application is just the beginning. Similar to medium-depth peels, in the two weeks following the application you may notice some redness, dryness, and flaking. However, this is typically not severe enough to interfere with daily activities. At the same time, you will be starting at-home topicals three times per day. These work with the initial topical and are vital to a successful outcome. This is what is going to inhibit future ongoing hyperpigmentation.

In the six months following your initial treatment, you will slowly be weaned off at-home topicals, using them less and less. These products can work with your other skin care regimen topicals as well as makeup. You will see gorgeous initial results about one month after the application, but results will continue to improve as you stick to your new, six-month skin care routine. After six months, you can opt for another Cosmelan peel to optimize results.

Who is Cosmelan For?

Most adults can benefit from a Cosmelan peel. However, just like some other peels, it often works best for those with lighter skin struggling mostly with hyperpigmentation. Considering that it inhibits melanin production, it isn’t always the best fit for those with darker skin tones. Figuring out the perfect peel for you begins with a consultation where you can discuss your goals with one of our experts.

If you would like to know more about the Cosmelan method and the many other peels available in our office, get in touch today. Call the RefinedMD office to book a consultation or complete the online contact form right now.