Why Do You Have So Many Lasers?

Why Do You Have So Many Lasers? | RefinedMD, Los Gatos + San Jose

Why Do You Have So Many Lasers?

Laser skin rejuvenation is a catch-all term that can mean treatments from dozens of different devices—and not all of them are lasers! RefinedMD is committed to offering you the latest technology so that you can enjoy the safest, most effective, and beautiful results regardless of your skin type and goals. We are home to the latest “laser” technologies on the market, and each one has been designed to treat specific skin issues and concerns. This includes light and energy-based devices, which aren’t lasers at all but are often grouped into the same category.

One of the most popular light-based devices is broadband light (BBL) therapy. It’s the second generation of intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy. Just like the name implies, it uses light rather than a laser to help you get brighter, clearer, more youthful skin. It’s also relatively gentle. Unlike ablative lasers, which are aggressive and damage the top layers of skin in a controlled manner, there is no visible damage when you opt for BBL. However, you will probably look a little pink afterward so you should plan any big events at least two weeks after your BBL treatment.

BBL and IPL are just a couple of options for those looking for treatments with little to no downtime. There are also gentler lasers that do not require any recovery period. Whether or not you can indulge in downtime is one of the many factors to think about when considering laser or energy-based therapy. We’ll work with you to determine your concerns, goals, and match your needs to the right devices.

Choose a Goal—Not a Laser

It’s very common for clients to want to book a specific laser, such as the CO2 or Halo laser, because they read about it in a magazine or saw an online before and after photo. It’s great when clients learn about the technologies available, but choosing a laser first isn’t always the best approach. After all, there are many things to consider, such as the fact that not all lasers are the right fit for all skin types and tones. Those with more melanin should not be matched with certain lasers that can lighten skin. (But do know that there are plenty of technologies for those with darker skin tones—again, it’s all about matching you to the right device!)

We recommend a consultation where your skin can be examined and you can talk about your desires with a highly skilled aesthetician. This is the best way to determine what you want to achieve and select the right laser or lasers for you. That’s right, it’s sometimes a good approach to combine laser and energy-based therapies, particularly if you have more than one trouble area (as many of us do). Depending on the treatment site and the devices, you may even be able to undergo multiple treatments in the same session.

What Can Lasers Do?

Lasers and their complementary energy-based devices can improve just about any skin condition. This includes skin laxity, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, varicose veins, poor skin tone and texture, and even conditions like acne and rosacea. There are over 3,000 medical skin conditions, so as you can imagine there are a LOT of complaints. Lasers and energy-based devices are often one of the best tools in a treatment plan no matter what your ultimate goal might be.

The world of lasers and similar devices is constantly evolving. New, proven products are routinely becoming available and you deserve only the latest and greatest to care for your skin. You can count on RefinedMD to always have the best tools available for you, and we only bring a new device into the clinic when it has been tested and deemed a highly effective treatment option.

Book Your Laser Consult

A consultation is the first step in your laser journey. This is where you can get all your questions answered and collaborate to identify the best laser treatment for you. Most clients require more than one session to get the results they want, with 3 – 6 total sessions being the average. However, you will start to see results just a few days after that first treatment.

Book your complimentary laser consultation right now with RefinedMD by calling the office, starting a chat, or completing the online form.