Why Hair Reduction and Not Hair Removal?

Why Hair Reduction and Not Hair Removal? | RefinedMD

Why Hair Reduction and Not Hair Removal?

Which would you rather do, reduce unwanted hair or remove it? The obvious answer might seem like the latter, but there’s a reason why we at RefinedMD exclusively offer laser hair reduction. The only way to permanently remove unwanted hair is through electrolysis. This is a very time-consuming, expensive, and painful procedure that will take years to completely remove even small areas, like the upper lip. Electrolysis is reserved for very specific cases and is so inconvenient that it has quickly become a last resort.

Electrolysis requires unwanted hairs to be visible and, of course, hair grows in cycles. Even if you are targeting a small area like the upper lip, it will take a 3+ month period to have all hairs even visible. Electrolysis is just what it sounds like: it electrocutes the hair follicles, permanently damaging them. At least, that’s the goal.

Why Electrolysis is Out

There’s no guarantee that the electric shock delivered during electrolysis will work—and there’s no way to know for certain unless you monitor that follicles haven’t produced more hair (months later). Understandably, providers will start with a lower shock in order to decrease the pain. However, some follicles are simply going to require a more intense shock. It’s trial and error, and you’ll be paying for this (in multiple ways) throughout years of sessions.

Plus, multiple hairs often grow out of one follicle. Each one will need to be addressed. Just like with lasers, electrolysis also cannot remove lighter (blond) hairs. This means that not even electrolysis is effective in totality. If you think you’ll truly have baby-smooth skin after years of electrolysis, that’s simply not the case. If you want to save time, a lot of money, and drastically reduce pain, laser hair reduction is the better option.

Why Lasers Work

We carry a suite of lasers effective for laser hair reduction. The best laser for you will vary based on your skin and hair type. Lasers also damage the hair follicles and the result is significantly less hair growth—however, it technically cannot be called laser hair removal. Still, most people enjoy such a reduction in unwanted hair after just a few sessions that they stop shaving and waxing entirely.

Lasers work faster and are much more comfortable than electrolysis. They can quickly target a variety of hair follicles. Still, just like with electrolysis, hairs need to be present and actively growing in order to be targeted. This means that it will still take a few months to see serious results. Keeping hair’s 3-month cycle in mind, you can understand why it takes months of treatments to see hair reduction. If you start right now, dramatic results can be enjoyed just in time for next year’s swimsuit season.

Increased Comfort with Lasers

Some people don’t feel the energy from laser hair reduction at all. Others compare it to the snapping of a rubber band against the skin. It is exceptionally more comfortable than electrolysis, but pain tolerances vary. Plus, the area being treated also makes a difference. For example, the bikini area is going to be more sensitive than the legs or underarms. We have numbing agents available for those with sensitive skin.

Skin will be pink immediately after your treatment, but this goes away in a few hours. Otherwise, there are no side effects associated with laser hair reduction. You can get right back to your daily routine. However, since hairs need to be present, it is paramount that you avoid waxing and shaving before your treatment. Your provider will go over preparations and after care with you during a consultation.

Laser-Focused on Hair Reduction

Winter is the best time to undergo any laser treatment, including laser hair reduction. You can start getting out of that hairy situation right now. It might be the season for ditching razors anyway, but that doesn’t mean you can’t actively work towards smoother skin. Give us 3 – 6 months, and you’ll be amazed by the results. Most clients require around 6 sessions for the best outcome. To find out more or schedule your consultation/appointment for laser hair reduction, contact RefinedMD via phone or fill out the online contact form.