Why Summer Loves Acne (and What to do About It)

Why Summer Loves Acne | RefinedMD, Los Gatos + San Jose

Why Summer Loves Acne (and What to do About It)

There are a lot of myths about acne, like the fact that it’s a “teenage affliction.” RefinedMD is committed to helping you keep your acne in check while providing plenty of treatment options to get rid of those acne scars for good. Summer is peak season for acne for several reasons, and understanding them is the first step in making sure nothing gets in the way of your summer glow.

Sweat can be a major acne trigger. When pores get clogged, acne starts to flourish. You’re going to naturally sweat more in the summer months, so make sure to wear your best sweat-wicking materials and shower often. If you let sweat “sit” on your skin, you’re inviting a breakout. If you don’t have the option to shower throughout the day but sweat a lot, carrying dermatologist-approved wipes with you can be a great alternative.

Also, take a look at your sunscreen. Is it oil-based? If so, you’re slathering yourself with a product that will protect you from UV rays but might be giving you acne outbreaks in the process. Not all sunscreen is created equally, and the best sunscreen is available at your dermatologist’s office. Bring in your sunscreen and have a talk about its quality. You might be surprised to find out that it might be the source of your sudden acne breakouts.

However, some patients think they have acne, when it’s actually a rash. The two can look quite similar, and a dermatologist is the best specialist for a proper diagnosis. Sensitive skin can react to any allergen by producing small, red bumps that resemble acne. Contact dermatitis is the term for those red, itchy bumps caused by the skin coming into contact with something like poison ivy or pool chemicals. You’re naturally out and about in the summer months, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for rashes. Allergies come and go throughout our lives, and it’s possible to be allergic to something this year that your skin was perfectly fine with last year.

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