Will Kybella Be Used to Treat Other Areas in the Future?

Will Kybella Be Used to Treat Other Areas? | RefinedMD, Los Gatos

Will Kybella Be Used to Treat Other Areas in the Future?

Kybella is a series of injections approved to dissolve fat under the neck using synthetic deoxycholic acid. It is one of the most in-demand injectables at RefinedMD with most clients requiring 3 – 6 sessions spaced one month apart for optimal results. When fat is melted away with Kybella, it never “grows back,” making it a popular alternative for liposuction for clients struggling with a double chin. However, recently Kybella has been used to treat other areas as well. There’s no way of telling if or when it will be routinely used beyond the chin, but it’s worth keeping an eye on this product.

Besides avoiding surgery, another reason everyone loves Kybella is that it requires no downtime. You might notice some slight bruising, swelling, or redness right after your treatment (after all, it is a stamp of injections) but most clients get right back to their daily lives. Plus, Kybella is manufactured by Allergan, the same makers of Botox and Juvederm, so you know it’s legit. It took nine years of development before Kybella was FDA approved and underwent 20+ clinical studies and 2,600 patients. The years of studies were necessary to make sure Kybella was both safe and effective for the submental fat area (under-chin).

Deoxycholic acid is the natural enzyme in our body that helps destroy and absorb dietary fat. Also called lipolysis, Kybella injections stop fat cells from hoarding fat—because the cells get obliterated. In the days and weeks following each Kybella appointment, the body naturally removes the dead cells through the organic metabolic process. Kybella is considered relatively natural since the acid (in its natural state) is already in the body. The procedure just provides a way of compounding it and placing it exactly where it’s needed. So, it makes sense it could be used in other areas, right? That’s what some experts are experimenting with.


The stomach is a trouble area for a lot of people, so of course the next logical area Kybella is being considered for is the belly. The love handles and fat pockets on the sides of the hips (saddlebags) are also of interest. Kybella is not currently approved to treat these areas, but some people are trying it as an off-label use. If you’re interested in treating these areas, a better approach until Kybella has been better studied is CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting is a kind of cryolipolysis, which is freezing away fat rather than dissolving it with an enzyme.

The bra fat and armpit fat areas are also potential target sites for future Kybella treatments. Even very slender women can struggle with fat in these areas, often due to hormones and genetics. Again, CoolSculpting might be a better fit for these areas at this moment. The CoolSculpting technology is always improving with more and more handheld pieces becoming available. However, not everyone is a candidate for CoolSculpting in all areas, particularly smaller areas. This is where interest in Kybella really heats up: Since Kybella is an injection, you don’t have to deal with applicator size and shape. It fits just about anywhere.

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Finally, Kybella for the inner knee is an idea gaining traction. This area tends to hang on to fat, especially if you have lost a significant amount of weight. It can be the last place for clinger-fat and easily messes up otherwise beautifully contoured legs. However, just like the stomach, thighs, and bra area, treating the inner knees with Kybella is not FDA approved—yet. The approval process requires many rounds of clinical trials in each specific treatment area. Right now, there have been no trials done on the inner knee, but that might change in the future.

For now, if you struggle with unwanted small amounts of fat anywhere on the body, including the double chin, help is available. There are many options for effectively treating these trouble spots with non-invasive treatment and minimally-invasive procedures. Autumn is a great time to get started on a fat-busting regimen because you will get to enjoy full results by the time spring break rolls around. If you’d like to know more about Kybella or CoolSculpting, schedule a consultation today. Give RefinedMD a call or fill out the online contact form.