2 Crazy Good Things You Didn’t know LaseMD Could Do

2 Crazy Good Things You Didn’t know LaseMD Could Do | RefinedMD

2 Crazy Good Things You Didn’t know LaseMD Could Do

LaseMD is one of the most-requested lasers for skin rejuvenation in the world—and at RefinedMD. This 1927 nm non-ablative fractional energy is known for getting rid of sun damage and fine lines while also tightening the skin. It is especially effective for tightening around the jowls, mouth, and chest. “Non-ablative” means that it doesn’t injure the superficial layer of skin, so it requires little to no downtime. Instead, it heats the deep layers below the surface to correct and heal from the inside out.

Many clients see exactly the results they want after just one treatment, but those with more serious issues might need 3+ sessions. You will find out an estimate of how many sessions you will need during your consultation. When more than one session is needed, skin must heal first, so sessions are spaced many weeks apart. Minimal prep and aftercare are needed, though you should avoid scrubbing this skin during the days before/after the treatment and commit to moisturizing with medical-grade products daily. Tanning should also be avoided. Sometimes a light “crust” forms on the skin after this treatment, but that sloughs away within a week.

A lot of people fall in love with LaseMD when chosen to address sun damage, lines, and wrinkles, but it’s also touted as a great treatment for two more obscure problems. Let’s take a look.

LaseMD and Melasma

Yes, LaseMD is famous for minimizing sun damage, but melasma is another beast. It’s still a kind of hyperpigmentation, but the most stubborn sort. Usually presenting in grey or brown blotches, melasma is often triggered by pregnancy hormones and can be found most often on the face. Typically, it subsides after pregnancy and lactation, but not always—and a lot of women want to vanquish it quicker. In some cases, those who are not pregnant may also get melasma, but it is rare. Women experience this benign but embarrassing condition much more than men.

LaseMD is one of the few lasers that can actually treat melasma, and it is safe for pregnant people. There are some studies that show its effectiveness, but of course few studies actually examine LaseMD and melasma at all. However, one person, Allie Hogan, shared with New Beauty her own experience with LaseMD and melasma. Her treatment took about 15 minutes and she reports feeling like she had a “slight sunburn” immediately after. That sensation only lasted 20 minutes.

She says in the week after healing, her skin felt like it had tiny scabs, but they weren’t visible. Given the severity of her melasma, which clustered around the eyes (a common area), her provider recommended three sessions. “After the second session, I was hooked,” she says. “I could see the difference in my skin just by looking in the mirror.” Not only was the melasma disappearing, her skin was brighter and the fine lines around the eyes and mouth were diminishing. She is on a regimen of LaseMD every four months to maintain the results and keep her melasma in check. “I’m happy with the results,” she shares. “Nothing else that I had tried before had ever been able to even slightly lighten my melasma.”

LaseMD for Thicker, Healthier Hair

Did you know you can use LaseMD on your scalp? It’s not like the laser hair reduction tools and can actually help you get thicker, fuller, healthier hair! However, it can’t be used alone (if it is, nothing will happen). Instead, you should pair it with topical solutions that promote hair growth. How LaseMD works is by creating tiny, superficial channels in the scalp that allows for topical hair growth products to go deeper and do better work.

You can also use microneedling on the scalp (or anywhere) to create similar micro-channels. However, laser energy heats up the tissue, which encourages blood flow and furthers the efforts towards hair growth. Both are also collagen induction treatments, so you can expect an overall healthier scalp.

If you are interested in learning more about LaseMD and all the lasers and energy-based devices available in our office, schedule a consultation today. We can’t wait to make your skin goals come true. Contact RefinedMD by calling the office or completing the online  contact form.