Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Options: Part 1

Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Options: Part 1 | RefinedMD, Los Gatos

Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Options: Part 1

There are a number of risks involved with surgery, but with the latest non-surgical body sculpting alternatives clients can avoid the downtime and risks associated with elective surgery. RefinedMD and Dr. Swengel tests and selects all offered procedures, providing only the best, safest, and most effective body contouring alternatives. Whether you are looking for fat reduction, muscle toning, skin tightening, anti-aging, or a combination, you no longer have to take the risk of surgery with these procedures.


This non-invasive procedure freezes away fat safely in a series of sessions (usually between three to five). Like liposuction, it is designed not as a tool for major fat loss, but instead for contouring and sculpting the body by removing targeted pockets of fat. RefinedMD always has the latest applicators, such as the “mini” so virtually any area of the body can be treated and customized.

Vanquish Me

Vanquish Me is an innovative procedure uses radiofrequency (RF) therapy to safely heat up fat and the skin to create “fat cell death.” Simultaneously, it tightens the skin. This procedure was designed for circumferential fat and is a favorite device for those with firmer fat seeking an hourglass shape. For men, it is perfect to help achieve that desirable V-shape. It can also be a tool to prep clients for CoolSculpting as it is an overall fat reducer.


A revolutionary technology using RF, Thermi250 was created to heat up smaller areas of fat where CoolSculpting would not be effective. These areas are very small and feature tell-tale signs of fat pockets in need of smoothing and tightening. It is especially useful near the eyes and lower parts of the face and body.

Zimmer Z-Wave

FDA-approved, like all procedures at RefinedMD, this is a mechano-acoustic import from Germany that can slowly improve the appearance of cellulite. It can loosen the fibrotic fat and is an excellent pre-cursor for CoolSculpting or VanquishMe. By helping to maximize fat response in complementary procedures, clients can enjoy better results.

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