Cheek Fillers Trending in Latinx Communities

Cheek Fillers Trending in Latinx Communities | RefinedMD

Cheek Fillers Trending in Latinx Communities

Dermal fillers are nothing new, and for many people they’ve become as common as a mani or pedi. They continue to be one of the most requested treatments at RefinedMD, but in recent months there has been a serious uptick in the number of Latinx patients seeking out cheek fillers in particular. According to Latina content creator Tefi Pessoa, “I want to look like a 31-year-old without any stress.” That’s why she loves getting routine Botox and cheek fillers. She recently talked to PopSugar about the past 18 months of getting cheek fillers every 6 – 9 months. “I just like a nice cheekbone on me,” she says. According to the influencer,

I definitely had a rounder face, and the fillers gave me more of a sharper shape without having me look crazy—I decided to keep going back because I liked the way I looked. While the work I got was minimal, I definitely felt a boost in my confidence.

Pessoa stresses that she doesn’t think fillers alone are empowering, but rather the ability to take control and enhance her natural—Latina—features.

Turning Another Cheek

Surgeons and injectors around the country have noticed an uptick in fillers in this area. We tend to lose volume in this space as we get older, so cheek fillers both restore a youthfulness and can help with sculpting and definition. A subtle lift can go a long way. PopSugar journalists suggest that cheek fillers are especially prevalent for Latinx clients because they have a strong desire for a natural contour and depth of their cheeks for better balance and a youthful appearance. Cheek fillers can even give the illusion of wearing makeup when the face is clean and clear.

Filling the Face

Most dermal fillers are made with synthetic hyaluronic acid (HA), but there are many HA fillers—each designed for different parts of the face—because of how they get “processed” in facial areas in unique ways. Ultimately, the right filler can create different kinds of physical characteristics. The Cleveland Clinic stresses that there are options for HA cheek fillers, and working with a reputable injector will help guide you towards the best choice for you. Some of the most common for cheeks are Juvederm and Restylane products, which both mimic the HA that naturally occurs in the skin.

Dermal filler injections are typically considered relatively painless. A numbing agent is applied to the skin first for optimal comfort. Just like any other HA filler, results are immediate but some temporary swelling and redness can occur. Cleveland Clinic considers cheek fillers a “low-risk procedure” with a quick and easy recovery period. If this is your first time getting cheek fillers, starting with a more conservative dose is recommended. You can always add more filler, but dissolving unwanted filler is a tricky business. Ensuring your injector is an expert with facial anatomy will help achieve the best results.

Getting Cheeky

Pessoa points out there’s “a lot of shame in not being naturally beautiful” in the Latinx community and yet body shaming is still an issue. She says,

There’s this idea of the Latin woman and she is a caricature. In my eyes, the Latin woman is a woman that does what she wants and doesn’t care what people have to say. So, if someone wants to be the latter then so be it—not my problem. I love looking like me—having a little tweak here and there won’t change all of my confidence issues, but it helps. Getting filler and Botox is like getting the best haircut ever. Except numbing cream is involved.

In the end, treatments and procedures to help you feel and look your best are a win. If you’re ready to discover what fillers, including cheek fillers, can do for your aesthetic and confidence this summer, schedule a consultation or appointment today. Contact RefinedMD by calling the office during business hours or, for the quickest response, complete the online contact form now.