DiamondGlow Offers the Ultimate in Skin Rejuvenation

DiamondGlow Offers the Ultimate in Skin Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation (noun): the action or process of giving new energy or vigor to something. The restoration of a youthful appearance. How can you best apply the definition of rejuvenation to your skin—your body’s biggest organ? At RefinedMD, we offer a variety of treatment options but by far one of the best, most popular picks for overall rejuvenation is DiamondGlow. Aptly named, this treatment uses a suite of genuine crushed diamond ends for maximum exfoliation and is suitable for men and women with all skin tones and types.

However, exfoliation isn’t enough if you truly want to rejuvenate your skin. That’s why DiamondGlow has a proprietary 3-in-1 process that combines exfoliation with pore extraction and topical infusion. The procedure takes only 30 minutes so anyone can get the full diamond treatment no matter how packed their schedule may be—especially as we enter the holiday season. Diamonds, one of the rarest and most desired materials on earth, can exfoliate and remove gunk from pores at an unprecedented level.

Why Exfoliation and Extraction Matters

Your skin cells are constantly turning over, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy for your skin to shed top layers entirely. It could use a little help, which is where exfoliation comes into play. DiamondGlow exfoliation helps your skin to shed its old self while revealing brighter, clearer, more youthful skin below the surface. On average, you lose 200,000 skin cells every hour. But where do they go? Some get stuck on the skin’s surface, and that can lead to pore tone, texture, and even the harboring of bacteria that causes acne.

That’s why routine exfoliation from a professional is so important. One of the most common places dead skin cells get “stuck” is in the pores. You’ll also find excess skin oil, makeup, sunscreen, dirt, pollution, and grime in there. You know it’s now a good idea to extract pores yourself (especially by squeezing), but monthly in-office extractions with DiamondGlow can keep your pores clean, clear, and minimized. Once your skin is prepped, fully exfoliated with cleared pores, it’s ready for medical-grade topicals.

Mad for Medical-Grade

The best topicals are those that are backed by science. Dubbed “medical-grade,” only these cleansers, moisturizers, serums, and more can legally have the best and strongest ingredients in the highest concentrations. You won’t find these products in stores—they can only be sold by medical facilities, such as medical day spas. We offer a suite of options, including those paired with DiamondGlow.

DiamondGlow was designed to exclusively be paired with SkinMedica products, one of the most respected and effective medical-grade product lines available. You get what you pay for with all skin care products, and with medical-grade a little really does go a long way. Still, we understand that you might not want to commit to an entire bottle or tube without getting a preview of what a topical can do for you. DiamondGlow is a great way to achieve this.

During your consultation or right before treatment, your aesthetician will work with you to select the best combination of SkinMedica products for you right now. Our skin is always changing, especially with the seasons, so this time of year is a great time to reassess and upgrade your at-home topicals. Your freshly cleansed, exfoliated, and extracted skin will be washed in a hand-picked selection of SkinMedica products so you can experience the difference for yourself.

Say “Yes!” to DiamondGlow

DiamondGlow requires no downtime and offers immediate results. Whether you want to keep your skin looking its best with monthly treatments or are interested in DiamondGlow the morning of a special event, we have you covered. It also pairs well with other treatments, from lasering to microneedling. DiamondGlow can be especially helpful as we enter the winter months when skin tends to get a little more dry, flaky, and have poor texture due to the shift in temperatures. However, it remains a year-round favorite for good reason—right now just happens to be the ideal time to discover it for yourself.

If you’d like to know more about DiamondGlow, schedule a consultation or appointment today at RefinedMD. Call the office right now or simply complete the online contact form.