Emsculpt Featured in Daily Mail Following Thousands of BBL Failures

Emsculpt Featured Following Many of BBL Failures | RefinedMD

Emsculpt Featured in Daily Mail Following Thousands of BBL Failures

“How to boost your booty … WITHOUT going under the knife.” This is the tagline in a recent The Daily Mail article that highlights the benefits of Emsculpt following the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) “epidemic” around the globe—and particularly in the United States. The Brazilian Butt Lift is a surgery in which fat is removed from the body—usually the stomach and hips—and injected into the butt. The goal is to create a more hourglass shape with thin hips and wide buttocks, a look that is impossible for most women to achieve even when following the strictest gym and diet regimen. However, it can be a dangerous surgery with months of healing required. After all, if you’re injecting fat into your buttocks, you’re not going to be allowed to sit or sleep in any position besides your stomach. It’s no wonder so many BBLs fail.

Fat embolization is a common risk with BBL. This happens when fat gets into the bloodstream and can then travel to the lungs or heart creating a life-threatening situation. Worse, it’s very difficult to gauge if this has happened until it’s too late. BBLs are also, understandably, very expensive. This has led many women to go abroad to get cheap (and even high-risk) surgeries. There are countless BBL horror stories that have made headlines in recent years and even more heartbreaking incidents that haven’t made the news. Opting for a non-surgical solution to a perkier, more toned, enlarged backside just makes sense—especially when it’s 100 percent safe and backed by science.

The Emsculpt Difference

Emsculpt NEO combines electromagnetic stimulation with radiofrequency (RF) technology so that targeted muscles undergo the equivalent of 20,000 supramaximal contractions in just 30 minutes. You can get EmsculptNEO just about anywhere on the body you’d naturally want to work out, but of course the buttocks are a popular spot. The Mail calls it a “miracle,” especially when combined with gym routines that target the glutes. Emsculpt NEO isn’t a replacement for workouts and a healthy diet, but a fantastic complement to such a healthy lifestyle.

Over 61,000 BBL treatments continue to be performed in the US alone every year. That’s a 37 percent rise compared to past years. And, of course, that does not include the countless women who go abroad for the surgery. The good news is that now Emsculpt NEO has become somewhat of a household name thanks to celebrity endorsements and the popularity of livestreaming treatments on social media. Emsculpt NEO is so comfortable that it’s easy to share your experience with followers. You just sit back, relax, and let Emsculpt NEO force those muscles into supramaximal contractions. The sensation can feel a little strange, but it’s not uncomfortable. However, it’s normal to feel sore the next day. DOMS is still a thing because, at least according to your muscles, you really did just do 20,000 lunges, squats, curls, crunches, or other such workout.

Playing it Safe

BBLs are considered the riskiest cosmetic surgery. One in every 3,000 patients dies from complications, usually fat embolization. Seromas are also relatively common, which happen when fluid builds up and has the risk of infection. While many women want that hourglass figure, there are much safer ways to achieve it. Working out the booty is a must, but such rigorous workouts to achieve a J. Lo backside just don’t fit into most people’s schedules. That’s why combining workouts with Emsculpt NEO is a great way to achieve your goals with zero risk and without breaking the bank.

Actually, Emsculpt NEO is even safer than working out in the gym (but, again, don’t skip those workouts). You can get a strain or sprain at the gym with one wrong move. That isn’t the case with Emsculpt NEO, where muscle contractions are totally safe and controlled through HIFEM and RF energies. You won’t get benched with Emsculpt NEO, but you do need to undergo the same aftercare that you would post-workout. That means feeding those muscles with ample protein right after your session. Most people require 4 – 6 initial Emsculpt NEO cycles spaced one month apart, then maintenance sessions every six months.

Making the Most of Emsculpt NEO

You can also combine Emsculpt NEO with Emtone if you have cellulite—which over 90 percent of women do. Skin tightening treatments can also be helpful if there is laxity in this area, which is common with age. To fully customize your Emsculpt NEO sessions, schedule a consultation today. Contact RefinedMD by calling the clinic during business hours or, for the quickest response, complete the online contact form today.