Emsculpt NEO by the Numbers

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Emsculpt NEO by the Numbers

Everyone wants to build muscle and reduce fat, but exactly how much muscle mass can you put on and how much fat can you lose? We know those answers with Emsculpt NEO, the only body contouring procedure that simultaneously increases muscle size while burning fat. Although every client is different, studies have shown that you can enjoy an average of 25% increase in muscle mass and 30% reduction in fat with Emsculpt NEO. It’s no wonder why the latest generation of Emsculpt technology is one of the most in-demand procedures at RefinedMD.

Right now is the perfect time to add Emsculpt NEO to your routine. During the winter months it can be tough to get to the gym (and stick to a healthy diet). However, building muscle and losing fat doesn’t happen overnight (even with Emsculpt NEO). It takes a few weeks, and even months, for the full results to show. If you start an Emsculpt NEO regimen right now, you’ll be able to show off the full results just in time for spring break.

What to Expect with Emsculpt NEO

Emsculpt NEO emits radiofrequency and HIFEM+ energies at the same time. The first generation of Emsculpt only offered HIFEM, which forced the targeted muscles into 20,000 supramaximal contractions in just 30 minutes. It’s the equivalent of doing 20,000 squats, crunches, bicep curls, or another strength-building move but with zero work. Of course, nobody can actually do 20,000 consecutive perfect lunges, which is why the Emsculpt technology can help anyone take their fitness goals to the next level.

But bigger, stronger muscles are just part of today’s ideal physique. What’s the point of having toned muscles if nobody can see them? We all struggle with stubborn layers of fat, especially on the stomach, that can hide all of our hard work. That’s why the second generation of Emsculpt—Emsculpt NEO—features radiofrequency technology that heats things up and melts fat cells away. It can be compared to a warm-up before a strength routine. However, this heat doesn’t just get the muscles ready for a workout—it also dissolves unwanted fat.

What Will Happen at Emsculpt NEO Appointments

It takes less than four minutes for Emsculpt NEO to get your muscles to the ideal temperature for apoptosis. This is the technical term for when fat cells are damaged. In the weeks following your treatment, they will be absorbed and expelled naturally by the body. You can expect the treated site to have 30 percent less fat (on average) six months after your last treatment.

While Emsculpt NEO is blasting away fat, the HIFEM+ energy is contracting the muscles so that they become bigger and stronger. HIFEM+ allows the body to bypass the brain’s inherent limitations, which means Emsculpt NEO safely allows you to go longer, harder, and stronger at building muscles than you could manage with any traditional workout. You’ll notice muscles being up to ¼ larger about six months after your last Emsculpt NEO appointment.

Who Needs Emsculpt NEO?

Absolutely anyone can benefit from Emsculpt NEO because it’s designed to take the body beyond its own limits. It can be an ideal kick-start to a new workout regimen and an excellent inspiration to stick to a gym routine and healthy diet. It can help you break through plateaus you’ve been struggling with for weeks, months, or even years. Emsculpt NEO is even used by fitness models and professional athletes who have truly taken their body as far as they can with workouts alone.

Most adults are suitable candidates for Emsculpt NEO. You can also use this technology virtually anywhere on the body that you would already like larger muscles. The abs and glutes are the most popular treatment sites, but the legs and upper arms are increasing in popularity. If you want to get a head-start on your New Year’s goals or simply need a little help sticking to a winter-time fitness routine, Emsculpt NEO is the tool you’ve been looking for. Plus, for those who want to share their secrets with friends and fans, Emsculpt NEO always garners plenty of likes and shares on social media. Find out more about all of our body contouring technologies, including Emsculpt NEO, by scheduling a consultation at RefinedMD today. Simply call the office or complete the online form.