Emsculpt NEO Will Get You Spring Break Ready

Emsculpt NEO Will Get You Spring Break Ready | RefinedMD, Los Gatos

Emsculpt NEO Will Get You Spring Break Ready

The holidays are in full swing, so spring break might not be on your radar—but it should be. Before you know it, swimsuit season will be here and we’ve got what you need to get spring break ready at RefinedMD. Emsculpt NEO is the latest generation of Emsculpt and now it doesn’t just build and tone muscles, but it burns fat, too! However, getting in shape doesn’t happen overnight, whether you do it the old-fashioned way or with the latest technology. If you want to get stronger, more toned, and target unwanted fat, you need to start your Emsculpt NEO sessions now.

The first generation of Emsculpt was revolutionary because it targeted just the muscles you wanted to strengthen and build. You can use the original Emsculpt and Emsculpt NEO for just about any muscle group including the abs, glutes, biceps, and quads. The muscle-building power of the original Emsculpt is still built into Emsculpt NEO. That means a quick 30-minute session forces targeted muscles into 20,000 supramaximal contractions.

What does that really mean? These contractions are used to strengthen and grow muscle fibers naturally. When muscles are “stressed,” they undergo changes to be ready for that stress in the future. This happens whether you’re undertaking manual labor or hitting the weights at the gym. When muscles are stressed, they get micro tears. These are different than serious, painful tears. Micro tears tell the muscles that they need to rebuild stronger so they can handle the stress next time. Muscles do this by creating a good kind of scar tissue—this tissue is thicker and stronger, which is what increases muscle mass and makes them look bigger. However, you don’t need to change career paths and switch to a labor gig or spend hours at the gym to get these micro tears. Emsculpt NEO can do it for you quicker and safer.

The Emsculpt NEO Muscle-Building Difference

If you’ve ever taken on a hardcore gym regimen, you know that building muscle is tough. It’s hard work and there’s a high chance of injury even for professional athletes. There’s a thin line between a good tear and a dangerous one, and a serious tear can lead to needing physical therapy. There is no risk of these kinds of serious tears with Emsculpt NEO because the technology perfectly contracts muscles to the ideal limits. Plus, Emsculpt NEO can force your muscles into several thousand contractions, which just isn’t achievable by even the most elite athletes.

Still, you’re not going to see immediate results. Ultimately, Emsculpt NEO harnesses your body’s naturally strength-building capabilities and takes it to the max. Most people benefit from 4 – 6 initial Emsculpt NEO sessions spaced a few weeks apart followed by maintenance sessions every six months. You can treat several different muscle groups back-to-back, but also need to take about one month of rest between treating each muscle. This healing time is when muscles are actually repairing and getting bigger and stronger.

It’s Not Just About Muscle

Muscles are critical—and they look great. However, you can’t show them off if there’s a stubborn layer of fat covering them. That’s why Emsculpt NEO was invented. It combines the power of Emsculpt with radiofrequency tech to actually dissolve unwanted fat. It’s designed to contour and sculpt and is not a “weight loss” procedure per se, but rather a means of vanquishing small areas of stubborn fat that just won’t budge with diet and exercise alone. The result is less fat covering muscles for maximum results.

Just like with muscle-building, fat-burning isn’t immediate. The only way to immediately remove fat is with liposuction, which is a surgery with all the risks and downtime associated with such a procedure. However, if you start Emsculpt NEO now, you’ll see great results by spring break and full results within one year. You can also combine Emsculpt NEO with CoolSculpting to optimize fat reduction for customized contouring and sculpting.

Is Emsculpt NEO On Your Holiday List?

When it’s sweater weather, it’s difficult to think about slipping on swim shorts or a sundress. However, spring fashion and vacations are just around the corner. If you want to burn fat and build muscle safely, Emsculpt NEO is the perfect holiday treat for you. It’s fast, easy, and can fit into even the busiest of schedules. There’s a reason celebrities adore Emsculpt NEO. It has no downtime, can help you kick-start a new NYE fitness resolution, and can take your existing gym routine to the next level. Contact RefinedMD today to schedule an Emsculpt NEO consult by calling the office or filling out the online form.