Jawline Contouring is the Secret to Slimmer, Sleeker Profiles

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Jawline Contouring is the Secret to Slimmer, Sleeker Profiles

Most people are familiar with contouring the face, and a lot of clients have tried out a YouTube makeup tutorial or two. However, RefinedMD has taken contouring to the next, semi-permanent level. Don’t overlook the jawline when thinking about contouring or using dermal fillers instead of makeup, which must be perfectly applied every day. The jawline can make a huge difference in a person’s look and profile, including helping to make you appear slimmer and younger.

A so-called “weak” jawline or chin is largely hereditary. Everyone is born with unique fat distribution and their own one-of-a-kind jaw shape. For those at a healthy weight, little can be done to customize the sharpness of their jaw—until now. The jawline can be contoured with a number of dermal fillers, including Sculptra which lasts up to three years. The results are fast and incredible jaw contouring that provides the perfect “sharpness” you’ve always wanted.

People have gone to extreme lengths to strengthen their jawline, from women shaving their face daily to eliminate peach fuzz (thought to “soften” the jawline) to liposuction and more invasive surgeries. Jawline contouring doesn’t need to involve surgery or time-consuming daily tasks. Dermal fillers can be used for much more than restoring lost volume to the cheeks or plumping the lips. They are also a great choice for anyone looking for a stronger jaw.

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If you’re always lifting your chin in photos to fake a more contoured jaw, are tired of using makeup to strengthen the chin, or otherwise want a sharper profile to look sleeker and younger, it’s time to learn more about jaw contouring options. With so many premium dermal fillers available, you can choose a short-term filler to try out the look or opt for Sculptra and enjoy a stronger-looking jaw for up to three years. Call RefinedMD at (408) 688-2082 to schedule your jaw contouring consultation or to book your appointment today.