Should You Get Juvederm or Restylane Dermal Fillers?

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Should You Get Juvederm or Restylane Dermal Fillers?

Spoiler: there’s no single best answer to this question, but it’s a question we get a lot at RefinedMD! We have always been dedicated to giving our clients a diverse array of high-quality options, and the simple truth is that there are many optimal dermal fillers on the market. Even within “families” of dermal fillers, you have a wide selection. Two of the most popular brands, Juvederm and Restylane, are always top contenders for those who are new to dermal fillers. Let’s take a look at how they’re the same and how they’re different.

Both Juvederm and Restylane treat wrinkles and both are made using hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is the most common ingredient for dermal fillers, but how it’s processed can make subtle changes in the results. HA fillers are temporary, lasting 6 – 12 months on average. There are also non-HA dermal fillers that work by stimulating collagen synthesis at injection site, but these options do not offer immediate results and it’s virtually impossible to guarantee a specific outcome since collagen production will behave differently in every client. HA is the solution for those who want immediate results and full control over the outcome.

Juvederm and Restylane Head-to-Head

Juvederm and Restylane are considered minimally invasive procedures. They are not a surgery, but injection of the product is required. Both families include lidocaine in the mixture, which is a common pain management tool. Some minor side effects can occur with any dermal filler injection, and this includes redness, swelling, and bruising right after the injection. If you do experience these side effects, they subside on their own within one week.

Juvederm and Restylane are also very convenient. It takes under ten minutes for each injection, making them a favorite lunch time treatment. The costs between the two can also be comparable, but bear in mind that the cost will be dictated by how many sites you have injected and how many vials are necessary to get the results you want. Ultimately, price should not be a factor in deciding between the two since they are so similar in this regard.

A Primary Difference

One of the main reasons a person might choose Juvederm over Restylane (or vice versa) is because of how long they want the filler results to last. Neither option is permanent, but on average Juvederm lasts for 12 months. Restylane can last anywhere from 6 – 18 months. However, for both, it again depends on other factors including how much filler is injected. The placement site also plays a role. For example, lip injections tend to wear off more quickly than the jawline since the lips are so mobile.

Where you want dermal fillers injected can also dictate which dermal filler will be recommended for you. For example, Restylane has a product that can be used on the backs of the hands. This isn’t a really popular site compared to the lips (for example), but if you’re interested in having a more neglected part of the body injected, you’ll need to be matched with the right product for achieving natural-looking results.

The Right Dermal Filler for You

As mentioned, the results of dermal fillers are immediate but most clients experience some mild swelling at first. Some studies have shown that the “full” results of Juvederm might show up a little more quickly, but this is really on a case-by-case basis. Restylane clients can affirm that they get the results they want shortly after the injection. In the end, if you’re a fan of dermal fillers it’s usually a good idea to try out all the popular lines. What works best for you might not work the same for someone else.

We are also aware that there have been some fear-inducing headlines in the past few months regarding dermal fillers and COVID vaccinations. Please note that this type of delayed swelling has long been a very rare side effect of dermal fillers and any vaccine, including flu vaccines. Just three people in over 1,000 reported such a side effect in a report by the FDA, which is a very small number. We encourage you to get vaccinated if you’d like to and to get or continue to get dermal fillers if desired. Delayed swelling is not a new rare side effect, nor is it related to just the COVID vaccine.

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