Light” Up Your Skin

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Light” Up Your Skin

If you’ve researched laser skin rejuvenation, you’ve probably discovered broadband light (BBL) and intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments. They tend to be two of the top requests at RefinedMD, and there’s a good reason for that. These light-based technologies are similar, but with some key differences. They both direct light energy into the skin and that energy then turns into heat when it reaches its target (such as a mole, hair, or blood vessel). The light can even blast away acne, making BBL and IPL popular treatments for those struggling with this medical condition that tends to last long after high school.

Once the heat energy is absorbed by the target, also called a chromophore, it destroys it. Next, the chromophore fragments are absorbed safely by the body over time. Healing begins immediately during treatment, which means that more collagen and elastin are produced at the site. This is a double whammy effect, because you are simultaneously destroying the unwanted target and getting a surge of youth-inducing collagen and elastin synthesis.

Seeing the Light: Photo Damage Is Always Present

For the past 10 years, light-based therapy has become a staple for treating vascular problems, photodamaged skin, pigmentation imperfections, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. When these technologies first debuted, patients were shocked that freckles could actually be removed. Things have only improved since then, and BBL is the latest iteration of light-based therapy. Today, it sets the standards for reversing the signs of aging, removing pigmentation, and it promises little downtime and some serious long-term results.

Today’s BBL machine is incredibly accurate, which means you’ll enjoy the best results that are fully personalized to you. You can treat a number of conditions with BBL, including rosacea and even bruising, and a number of studies have shown that BBL literally turns back the clock. It makes DNA skin cell expression actually reverse so that your body is returned to a more youthful state. Why just pause the aging process when you can reverse it?

IPL: The Beginning

IPL is basically the earlier version of BBL. BBL can provide more specific treatments and it’s also more accurate. BBL also enjoys better efficacy and safety functions, particularly for clients who have darker skin tones. Ultimately, there is less downtime and people typically need fewer treatments with BBL compared to IPL. Everyone is different, but on average IPL will require six treatments while BBL often requires just three.

So, why is IPL still offered? It’s simple—some people just prefer it. We’ve all been in situations where something new is dubbed superior by just about everyone else, but the original works best for us. If you’ve fallen in love with IPL and just don’t think the results of BBL compare, don’t worry. We have you covered by offering both. If you’re new to laser skin rejuvenation, which one you should try will depend on a number of factors. A complimentary consultation is the best way to determine which laser—or lasers—is right for you.

Keep Your Results Longer

The results of laser skin rejuvenation already last quite a while, but you can extend those results with Forever Young BBL. This is a maintenance treatment designed to delay aging signs, whereas IPL and BBL are for specific skin concerns. Forever Young BBL is the only available option that wards off the appearance of aging skin for all patients. No matter how much melanin you have, or don’t, Forever Young BBL is safe and effective.

Many studies have been conducted that showcase the benefits of BBL, IPL, and Forever Young BBL. One study found that routine BBL treatments 2 – 4 times per year were ideal to delay the signs of aging. This particular study included clients aged 38 – 69, and all opted for at least one treatment per year for 5 – 11 years. There was no denying the results evidenced in photos. This study was extended to a genetic level, where it was found that the people treated with Forever Young BBL had gene expression that was similar to younger skin. In fact, an incredible 1,293 participants enjoyed a full restoration of their gene expression to truly younger skin.

Get Ready for Your Close-up

You’ll see results from BBL after just one treatment, but most clients get maximum benefits after around three treatments. Topical anesthetics can be applied prior to the procedure for optimal comfort. It’s important to avoid UV exposure one month before your treatment. Post-treatment, skin can look a little sunburned for a few days. Avoid any heat, including showers and working out, for 24 hours after a BBL treatment.

The prep and post-care instructions will be customized to you, but they’re pretty simple. Ready to learn more or book your appointment? Call RefinedMD at (408) 688-2082.