Do You Need to See a Medical Dermatologist or Cosmetic Dermatologist?

Do You Need to See a Medical Dermatologist or Cosmetic Dermatologist?

Do You Need to See a Medical Dermatologist or Cosmetic Dermatologist?

Do You Need to See a Medical Dermatologist or Cosmetic Dermatologist – how do you know? The answer is probably both! RefinedMD offers both medical and cosmetic dermatology treatments, and the vast majority of patients benefit from taking care of their skin in both ways. Dr. Lindsey Yeh performs most of our medical dermatology treatments, but there’s often a cosmetic overlap. The best example is acne. Acne is a genuine medical condition that can be quite painful and serious, causing lasting scarring. However, even if you “just” struggle with whiteheads, it’s a medical condition that is best treated by a dermatologist and not with over-the-counter creams.

There is also a cosmetic component to acne. Treating and preventing acne is largely “medical,” but you often have hyperpigmentation and scarring long after active acne has passed. At this point it becomes a cosmetic concern. The best way to get rid of these lingering signs of acne is with a cosmetic, in-office treatment such as a laser, light-based device, and/or a chemical peel. Microneedling can also help remove light scarring and brown spots while also encouraging collagen production. Collagen is that special ingredient that makes skin youthful and supple, but we produce less of it as we age. The right treatment can get that production revved up once again.

Why Separate Medical and Cosmetic

In reality there’s no good reason to separate medical from cosmetic treatments—and yet many offices do! There are plenty of so-called spas and even some clinics that only or mostly offer one type of treatment or another. We know that caring for your skin can and should be holistic. Your skin is an organ, but it’s one that you see. It’s your first impression, whether in-person or on Zoom, and there are over 3,000 kinds of skin conditions. That’s a lot to contend with! We can help.

Those 3,000+ conditions can also come with a slew of cosmetic concerns. Let’s take eczema and rosacea for example. Neither can be cured, both are medical conditions, and both have cosmetic side effects that you probably want to diminish. Whether you struggle with severe flushing, dry and flaky skin, or rough skin texture, combining medical treatments (like prescription topicals) with cosmetic treatments like lasers is a one-two punch approach to beautiful skin.

The Biggest Medical Condition to Consider

Even though there are many types of medical skin conditions, one comes out on top as most serious—skin cancer. There are also many types of skin cancers, with melanoma being the deadliest. However, all types of skin cancers are easy to catch, diagnose, and treat when you have an annual skin check with a dermatologist. We encourage everyone regardless of skin tone or sun exposure history to stick with a yearly checkup.

When skin cancer is caught in the early stages, all that’s required to remove it is a biopsy and excision. However, excisions can cause scarring, keloids, and hyperpigmentation—more cosmetic concerns! Seeing a dermatologist like Dr. Yeh, who is part of a medical and cosmetic clinic, is the best way to ensure any scarring is minimized and even reduced. We also work with clients who want to diminish the lingering signs of old biopsy and excision scars.

As you can see, it’s pretty tough to separate medical from cosmetic dermatology if you want healthy and beautiful skin. We help make it easy by providing all the best treatments in a medically-minded clinic. Save time and hassle by caring for all of your dermatology needs in one convenient location. In one appointment we can help you take care of skin conditions, make sure there are no suspicious moles (or biopsy them if there are!), and help you achieve skin that looks youthful, glowing, beautiful, and that represents the best you possible.

Love the Skin You’re In

Can’t recall the last time you had a skin check? Finally ready to get rid of that hyperpigmentation? Want to get your condition under control for good? Connect with RefinedMD today. We offer complimentary consultations on all cosmetic treatments and are following all recommended guidelines for appointments so you can stay safe and healthy.

You can call our office to schedule an appointment or consult, or simply fill out the contact form or start an online chat. We can’t wait to help you fall in love with the skin you’re in!