Solidify Your NYE Resolution with Our Skin Care Store

Solidify Your NYE Resolution with Our Skin Care Store | RefinedMD

Solidify Your NYE Resolution with Our Skin Care Store

Make this the year to achieve your New Year’s Eve resolution to get youthful, clear, glowing, brilliant skin—we make it easy with our online skin care store. At RefinedMD, we make it as easy as possible to get the products you love (and the ones that love you back). We understand that it can be overwhelming and confusing to tackle a new skin care regimen. That’s why a lot of people put it off or buy the wrong products, creating a vicious cycle where money is wasted and skin isn’t improved.

Count on our team to make customizing a skin care routine not only fast and simple, but fun. Complimentary aesthetic consultations are a hallmark of our clinic, and that includes appointments strictly for you to learn which products you’ll benefit from—and which ones to skip. We never recommend anything that won’t fully benefit you, but do keep in mind that what your skin needs will change throughout the years and seasons. It’s a good idea to schedule a consult with a skin care expert at least twice per year to make sure your skin care regimen is still the best it can be. We’re in the heart of winter right now, so that means a lot of our skin is dry and rough, but still vulnerable to UV rays. After all, sun damage doesn’t take a winter vacation.

Getting the Products You Need

Working with a professional to determine which products are best for you is just part of the process. It can also be frustrating to figure out how to buy them. You definitely want home delivery to ensure you continue social distancing, but with so many online choices how can you trust that you’re getting the real deal? It’s simple. Check out the RefinedMD online skin care store. You’ll find competitive prices and an absolute guarantee that your skin care products are genuine and not expired.

Unfortunately, so-called medical-grade skin care products purchased on other sites might be fakes, tampered with (typically watered down), or well beyond their expiration date. All of these factors make for a product that is useless at best and dangerous at worst. Your skin is the biggest organ you have, and it also is a big part of your first impression. If you’re going to commit to the best skin care routine, buying high quality and genuine products needs to be made a priority. Shop our online store for convenience, but also peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing the products purchased from RefinedMD are authentic and will best serve your skin and your goals.

Your Best Skin Ever in 2021

Identifying the right products and purchasing them from a reliable source (us!) are the first two steps—what’s next? Make sure you carefully follow the directions from both the medical-grade skin care manufacturer and your skin care expert at RefinedMD. The amount of product used, how often, and sometimes the application instructions are all key elements of making the most of the treatment. For example, some products with retinol should only be applied once a week depending on if you’ve used it before, the strength of the product, and your skin’s reaction. Using it too often can cause short-term, yet undesirable, results.

A proper at-home skin care routine requires knowledge and the right tools—you can get both at RefinedMD. Start shopping online now or book your complimentary consultation by calling our office, starting a chat, or filling out the online form. It’s never too late to improve your skin, and at-home products are the ultimate complement to in-office procedures. Reduce hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, and improve texture and tone with products that are designed specifically for your unique needs. Right now is the best time to start, particularly if you struggle with winter skin woes.

Clients often see some results right away, but keep in mind that this is a strategy for the long haul. Results will continue to improve with the proper usage of the recommended routine. By the time summer rolls around, we will hopefully be a little closer to getting back to normal and you deserve to make the ultimate debut. Connect with us today online or by calling RefinedMD at (408) 688-2082.