“Rachel Ray” Show Lists Ultherapy as a Needle-Free Alternative to Botox—and One Other Treatment

Ultherapy as a Needle-Free Alternative to Botox | RefinedMD

“Rachel Ray” Show Lists Ultherapy as a Needle-Free Alternative to Botox—and One Other Treatment

Don’t love needles but love a youthful, clear, vibrant look? Ultherapy might be for you, and it’s available at RefinedMD. The Rachel Ray Show recently called it the best alternative for looking younger when you’re needle-averse. However, Ultherapy does a lot more than anything Botox can manage. It’s an intense form of collagen induction therapy that requires no downtime at all. It works via ultrasound technology and energy, allowing your provider to see exactly where the energy is reaching below the skin’s surface for precise, dramatic results.

Ultherapy results can last for months and are so dramatic that it’s been called the facelift alternative. Ultherapy is typically used on the face and neck but can be used virtually anywhere you want tighter skin, such as the stomach or buttocks. There is little prep time, although a numbing cream is placed on the skin 45 – 60 minutes prior to your treatment. Your provider then glides the handheld device over the skin, which kick-starts collagen production below the surface. Results are not immediate because, well, collagen creation takes time. However, you may notice that your skin feels immediately tighter after the treatment. Full results show around three months later. Ultherapy is a one-and-done treatment, although many clients opt for another session once the results have faded several months later.

Microneedling: A Great Complement

According to the Rachel Ray Show (and skin care experts) microneedling is another Botox alternative—but doesn’t that involve needles? Contrary to its name, the “needles” with microneedling are actually tiny pins. They do create microchannels in the skin, but they are so small that it feels like exfoliation rather than an injection. Sometimes a numbing agent is applied for optimal comfort, but oftentimes this isn’t needed. There is no downtime after microneedling, either, but skin may appear pink for a few hours after your treatment.

Microneedling is one of the original forms of collagen induction therapy and was discovered 120 years ago. A lot has changed since then. Today, there are hybrid forms of microneedling, such as AquaGold which uses pins coated in 24k gold and designed to let ingredients like Botox and fillers flow into the microchannels. Whether you opt for AquaGold or a more traditional form of microneedling, one thing is certain: it pairs perfectly with Ultherapy. In fact, in some cases you may even be able to get both during the same appointment.

It’s All About Collagen Synthesis

Both Ultherapy and microneedling highlight the trend of working on youthfulness and healthy skin from the inside out. We all create less natural collagen as we age, but we can reverse that with treatments like these. Collagen and elastin are the building blocks of skin that is young, plump, and healthy. When we “tell” the body where and when to create more collagen, we get results that are natural-looking and beautiful. Traditional microneedling is often done once per month, but with AquaGold you can go much longer between treatments. Ultherapy results last about two years on average.

Of course, if you do want a more aggressive approach, there may come a time when plastic surgery is your best option. We specialize in facial plastic surgery including facelifts, brow lifts, and eyelid lifts. Still, warding off surgery as long as possible is a priority for many and that’s why at RefinedMD there are so many non-surgical options, like Ultherapy. Some people, such as Jennifer Aniston, swear that tools like Ultherapy have helped them avoid surgery for many years. It’s an all-natural, no-risk way to get gorgeous skin you’ll love. It is common for some redness to occur after Ultherapy and you may feel a numbness in the treatment site for a few weeks—don’t panic. Redness goes away quickly and any lingering numbness is not permanent and does not interfere with daily living.

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