Soften Lines and Lift Skin with Sofwave

Soften Lines and Lift Skin with Sofwave | RefinedMD, Los Gatos

Soften Lines and Lift Skin with Sofwave

Sofwave is one of the latest non-invasive, FDA-cleared treatments to turn back the clock with no downtime. It’s available at RefinedMD and ideal for patients who are looking to reduce lines, get skin that is taut and more youthful, and enjoy a lifted appearance without the down time associated with surgery. Sofwave requires just one treatment for results that lasts for months and requires just 30 – 45 minutes (making it an easy lunchtime appointment). It boasts clinical efficacy, has a very high safety profile, and since it helps promote collagen induction you can see results that keep getting better for up to three months after the treatment.

Sofwave revitalizes the skin via collagen induction using the Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam Technology—FDA-cleared to lift the eyebrows as well as the neck and submental (under-chin) area, too. We stop producing as much collagen as we get older, but Sofwave can help with that. It reaches to precise levels below the skin to kick-start collagen production when your natural production has slowed down. This results in a lifting and firming effect while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

So Many Choices—Why Go Soft

There are many technologies that can induce collagen induction, so it can be confusing to know where to start (and which tech to choose). A consultation with your skin care expert provider can help determine if Sofwave is best for you. However, Sofwave is renowned for helping those with mild to moderate skin laxity. It works especially well on the lower half of the face (the same area which is treated with a facelift). A lot of people start to notice that their cheeks begin to sag, causing frown lines and a crepe-like appearance. Sofwave can be an excellent way to treat this common, early sign of aging. A good Sofwave candidate should have some amount of fine lines and wrinkles.

For other concerns, such as forehead lines, injectables may help while sunspots can be tackled with laser skin rejuvenation. Sofwave is often combined with these other treatments, which can be non-invasive or minimally-invasive. In fact, combining treatments is usually the best way to get optimal results. It’s rare that a single procedure is going to address all of your concerns—but Sofwave can do quite a bit, reducing lines, laxity, and sagging in just one quick appointment.

The Science of Sofwave

Since Sofwave is clinically proven, it quickly became a fan favorite. It has been clinically proven to remodel collagen, which in turn reduces lines, wrinkles, and sagging in the submental, eyebrow, and neck area. Sofwave treatments are described by most patients as very easy from start to finish. You’ll have before photos taken because this is the best way to see your progress. No numbing cream is needed. Instead, the appointment gets started with a headband to keep hair off of the face followed by a layer of ultrasound gel. High-intensity ultrasound waves are then delivered to precise depths to get the results you want. Most patients describe Sofwave as feeling like a heating up followed by a cooling down in quick succession.

There are three intensity levels, allowing for the treatment can be adjusted to your needs. Your provider will work with you to gauge how you’re feeling. Usually, Sofwave starts on the jawline close to the ear and is glided in a pattern over the face. Skin is typically more sensitive near the mouth, so the lowest setting can be used in this area. A final pass along the lower jawline helps to seal in the treatment for jowls. At the end of your treatment, sunscreen is applied. You’re then ready to keep a watch on progress for the next three months as results appear.


Skin can look a little red after your treatment, but it is usually nothing that will keep someone from their daily activities. This redness usually goes away very quickly. Skin may feel warm for some time, but not uncomfortable. Makeup can be applied right after the treatment for those who wear it. One month after your treatment, you might not notice a huge difference. However, bear in mind that collagen takes around 12 weeks on average to really be produced. At two months, you might start to notice some visible results. Foreheads can look plumper while lines and wrinkles start to diminish. You might see less droop in your eyelids. At the three-month mark, the wrinkles will be much less noticeable and frown lines much lighter. However, more collagen is still coming! Results can continue to improve for up to six months.

Sofwave can be used on men and women of any skin tone and type. No serious side effects have been reported in any study participants. If you’re looking for a no-downtime skin tightening treatment that works, consider Sofwave. Schedule a consult or appointment by calling RefinedMD during business hours or completing the online contact form now.