Study Shows Safety and Great Results with CoolSculpting

Study Shows Safety and Great Results with CoolSculpting

Research published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal analyzed hundreds of patient experiences with CoolSculpting, one of the most popular procedures at RefinedMD. The complete findings can be found in the article “Broad Overview of a Clinical and Commercial Experience with CoolSculpting,” in which researchers examined the popularity, safety, and efficacy of cryolipolysis. In total, 528 patients underwent CoolSculpting on 1,785 sites (mostly in the lower abdomen). A total of 2,729 CoolSculpting cycles were completed, which is on par with the average recommendation of 3–5 treatments per area.

The patients included 28% who opted for CoolSculpting in the lower abdomen with 490 cycles analyzed, 11 percent who underwent CoolSculpting in the upper abdomen with 189 analyzed cycles, 19 percent who chose CoolSculpting in the flanks for 666 total cycles (333 for each leg) examined, 6 percent chose CoolSculpting in the inner thighs for 111 cycles analyzed, 5 percent underwent the procedure in the outer thighs for 87 cycles examined, and 6 percent opted for CoolSculpting on the back for 99 total analyzed cycles. The average client age was just over 46 years and included both men and women.

Who is Getting CoolSculpting?

Most clients in the study were women (76%) in the early stages, which is reflective of the usual demographic searching for CoolSculpting. However, the researchers report that an increasing number of men joined the study and underwent CoolSculpting throughout the two-year period. This is attributed to more information about CoolSculpting becoming available, and at the end of the study 42% of the patients were male (up dramatically from 24% at the start of the study).

Most clients in the study were Caucasian, followed by Latinx, Middle Eastern, African American, Asian, and Mediterranean clients. However, the researchers are quick to point out that this reflects the demographic breakdown of the study’s area in Marina del Rey, California. CoolSculpting can be an effective and desired treatment for any adult at or near their goal weight. Most of the patients in the study were also what the researchers call “aesthetic neophytes.” In total, 66% of the participants were new patients at the clinic site and were exclusively interested in CoolSculpting. The majority (62%) had also never undergone any kind of cosmetic treatment before. Almost all of them (95%) had never received any type of injectable treatment like Botox, 89% had never had liposuction, and 66% had never had any kind of plastic surgery. At the end of the two-year study, 40% of the participants went on to become established clients at the research practice and most of them opted for additional procedures (both surgical and non-surgical) in the future. This includes laser skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal, injectables, and customized skin care procedures.

Study Results

No adverse events were reported during the study. However, during the two-year study, the researchers did see a large and consistent growth in overall CoolSculpting popularity. In fact, there was an 823% increase in demand for CoolSculpting treatments worldwide while the study was taking place. Of the 528 patients in the study, there were only 3 reported cases of pain and discomfort, and all of these resolved in less than four days. As a non-invasive procedure, there is little risk of pain and discomfort with this procedure. It works by “freezing” unwanted fat, which is isolated by lightly “vacuuming” the target site into a handheld device before the cold is applied. The top layers of the skin are not damaged.

The researchers point out that CoolSculpting side effects often observed in literature were “generally not recorded in the patient charts.” Patient surveys were not included in this particular study, but the researchers say they believe there was a “high level of patient satisfaction” throughout the analysis.

Try CoolSculpting for Yourself

The researchers found that CoolSculpting is “safe and effective” as a non-surgical body contouring technique. They also reported that they found “high patient satisfaction” and expected the demand for CoolSculpting to continue increasing. In recent years, there has been a trend away from surgical procedures as more and more clients seek out options with virtually no risk and no downtime.

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