What You Need to Know About the Botox/COVID Booster Link

What You Need to Know About the Botox/COVID Booster Link

A small, recent study has been making headlines because it is excellent clickbait—it reports that in a group of 45 volunteers, those who got their COVID booster and routine Botox experienced Botox results that “might be less effective” than normal. Botox is a mainstay of medical day spas like RefinedMD, and we want to stress that getting Botox is no reason to not get your COVID booster if that is your preference.

However, there has understandably been some confusion when it comes to clients who want to keep getting their Botox and COVID boosters. The study found that it was not just Botox but all neuromodulators, such as Dysport and Xeomin, that may have been affected by the booster. Still, even within this small study, there was no dangerous association between the two injections. However, in some cases, it was found that clients might have experienced Botox results that were not as effective or didn’t last as long as they are used to experiencing. More frequent touch-ups were needed for some clients, but that is also often the case as people get older or get more “used to” getting Botox. Here’s what you really need to know about Botox and boosters.

You Can Still Get Both

 Keep in mind that this study was very small and, even within this cohort, researchers found that Botox injections “might” be less effective for those who get a booster—it is not a guarantee. Keep in mind that even if you get boosted, you’re going to be able to find a neuromodulator solution that is effective. The research team initially set out to see if there was any connection between mRNA technology (which is behind the COVID booster) and BTA injections. The research team did not specify any specific brand of BTA studied, which means it could be Botox, Xeomin, Dysport, or Jeuveau.

The average age of the participants was 48.3 years and the vast majority (89 percent) were female. Researchers found that the average time between Botox injections was shorter for those who also got boosted at 96 days compared to 118 days. This was the finding that led them to state that Botox results “might be less effective after COVID-19 vaccination.” The keyword here is “might.” The study brings attention to a curious possibility, but it is in no way conclusive. Instead, it is a call for further research into the potential phenomenon. Ideally, a larger study on a multi-center, multi-country level would be the most helpful. Forty-five patients is an extremely small number of participants for a study, and many medical day spas treat more people than that for Botox in any given week.

Need More Botox?

However, according to Allure, some Botox providers have independently been noticing an increased need for Botox amongst patients in recent months. One shared that in the last year, there were two patients who developed complete antibodies to all four neuromodulators available in her office. It was something she had not experienced in her 15 years of providing injections. “That means the neuromodulators just don’t work at all,” she says. However, she also says that developing antibodies against a neuromodulator or any injectable is “rare but not unheard of … someone not responding to any of the formulas if very, very surprising.” Of course, there is no way to know if these two patients were responding to a reaction between vaccinations and neuromodulators or not.\

Doctors around the world have been pondering why some who get Botox injections are experiencing this, but there is no concrete answer—only theories. One is that the immune response after vaccination is working to blunt how well neuromodulators work. Ultimately, more research is needed, but until then you should not shy away from getting Botox or the booster if that is what works best for you and your life. It is always possible that you may need more frequent touch-ups than “normal,” regardless of booster status. Keeping up with your Botox regimen requires customization and flexibility.

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