Get Lips You’ll Flipping Love without Fillers or Surgery

Get Lips You’ll Flipping Love without Fillers or Surgery | RefinedMD

Get Lips You’ll Flipping Love without Fillers or Surgery

If you’re over fillers (or have been over-filled) and want to avoid the risks and recovery of surgery, a lip flip might be for you. It’s one of the latest treatments available at RefinedMD and uses a product you probably already know and love—Botox. How can Botox improve your pout, while giving you volume and lushness? It’s actually pretty easy!

You might already know Botox can do a lot. Most people love it because it stops unwanted wrinkles and lines from forming, but others use it to prevent migraines or excessive sweating. The precise location of where you inject Botox determines what it does. If Botox is injected in specific places along the upper lip muscle, right next to the lip’s vermillion, it gets “told” to relax and “flips” out in the best way.

Wait—I Have More Lip Than I Think?

Kind of. A lip flip is not like a dermal filler treatment. Botox is injected into the area, but in a tiny amount (much less than the amount used for wrinkle control). What people want when they talk about a perfect pout is for more vermillion to show, and that’s exactly what a lip flip can provide. It subtly flips out that upper lip to make it look like it’s bigger and plusher than normal.

The best part? It’s totally natural-looking. When you’re not injecting filler into the lip, there’s zero risk of any kind of faux appearance. You won’t get duck lips. You won’t have people gossiping about “what you’ve had done.” However, you might get told you look refreshed or otherwise be lauded with compliments.

Who is a Lip Flip For?

A lip flip can be for everyone! Anyone who wants a more perfect pout can benefit from this quick treatment. It’s especially popular for those with a “gummy” smile. If you practice your smile in the mirror, you can get an idea of exactly how large you can go before your gums show, or if you cover your mouth when you laugh because you’re self-conscious then a lip flip can put an end to that.

Botox has been around for decades and remains the most popular neuromodulator on the market. It works because it stops the release of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that makes muscles tighten or contract. When Botox is put in a muscle, the muscle is forced to relax. That’s why we can’t make those “angry elevens” between our brows when we inject Botox on certain parts of the face.

The Big Questions About Lip Flip

You probably want to know how long the results last. It can vary person to person, but if you’ve had Botox elsewhere then a lip flip will last around the same time. A lot of people have been adding the flip onto their routine Botox injections. It’s a safe and easy add-on, and that way you can ensure you stick to the same schedule.

Botox generally fades faster than dermal fillers, but not by much. Plus, it’s typically a more cost-effective approach. The cost of a lip flip will also vary based on how much Botox is used (just like with Botox anywhere else), but the amount is so relatively tiny that it’s a very affordable procedure. Most clients end up paying less in one year to get and maintain a lip flip than they do for routine lip fillers.

Lip Service

We all lose volume in our faces as we age, and it seems like the lips are the first to go. Does your upper lip disappear when you smile? Do you dislike smiling because you show too much teeth or gum? It’s lip flip to the rescue! But hold on, because not all lip flips are created equally.

Botox is a generally safe injection, and as you know the results fade. However, the technique and skill needed for a natural-looking lip flip are so precise that you only want to work with a pro. Even a smidge too much Botox in a lip flip and you’ll get a smile that is flat. You won’t be able to use a straw. It might affect your speech, and it can certainly put your love life on hold (nobody wants to kiss a subpar lip flip).

If you want to get the perfect flip to your lip, contact RefinedMD today and see results within one week.