Why Halo is the Goldilocks of Lasers

Why Halo is the Goldilocks of Lasers | RefinedMD, Los Gatos + San Jose

Why Halo is the Goldilocks of Lasers

Want a laser treatment that’s not too harsh—but still does something? Meet Halo, the ultimate hybrid fractional laser that combines surface renewal with deep dermal revitalization. It’s one of the most popular lasers at RefinedMD for good reason! Not too deep and not too shallow, it only targets the skin issues and damage that you want to correct, reaching these problems at just the right depth. Say goodbye to the era of having to deal with unnecessary skin damage and intensive downtime just to improve your skin. Halo is the miracle laser you’ve been waiting for.

Given how precise Halo is, it’s no surprise that every treatment is 100 percent customized to your skin right now. It can take on any challenge from fine lines and wrinkles to enlarged pores and sun damage. Correct uneven skin tone, laxity, and brown spots with little to no downtime. You can get similar results to those aggressive treatments without the days of redness, peeling, and extreme dryness.

All Hail Halo!

Even though Halo is pinpointing problem areas, it’s still a complete rejuvenation treatment. You can expect overall improvement to the tone and texture of your skin along with serious discoloration reduction and minimization of lines and wrinkles. While pores look smaller, your overall skin will glow and shine. As an added bonus, there’s no “ideal” number of treatments necessary to get the results you want. Yes, some people opt for a series of Halo sessions but others fall in love with the results after just one treatment!

We’ll talk about your goals during your consultation or first appointment to determine how many treatments might be best for you. Maintenance sessions every few months is a good idea for all clients who want to keep on glowing. It’s easy to squeeze Halo into your schedule since most treatment take just 30 – 60 minutes depending on the treatment zones. The laser itself is relatively gentle, though a numbing cream is available for clients with more sensitive skin. During treatment, your provider targets every perfectly measured segment of skin to ensure uniformity and an even treatment.

Ready for Halo?

One of the first things clients want to know (after finding out if a laser really works!) is how it feels. Halo has built-in cooling technology for optimal comfort, so most clients say it doesn’t feel like much at all. Sometimes it’s described as a heatwave passing over the skin or a prickling sensation. However, numbing agents can render a Halo treatment totally comfortable. It’s common for skin to continue to feel warm for 30 minutes post-treatment (or longer if your treatment goes deeper), but skin will simply look sun-kissed. Clients can get back to their day right after their treatment.

After any laser treatment, it’s important to protect your skin for at least one day post-session. Skin will often start to flake a bit in the 24 hours after the treatment, but makeup can be worn and it will only be noticeable to you. On days two or three, you can expect a bronze appearance on the face. Days three and four is when skin will truly peel and you can see the renewed skin below the surface. The initial results happen within the first week, but since lasers also kick-start collagen production, results will continue to improve for weeks after your appointment.

Keeping Your Halo

The results of a Halo session can last for years, and you can sustain results with maintenance sessions and of course UV protection. Since every Halo appointment is designed just for you—and your skin is always changing—it’s a good idea to check in with your provider every six months to see what can be done to keep that glow going. There are many complements to Halo, such as microneedling, fillers, and Botox. Let’s collaborate to create a skin care regimen just for you!

Schedule your Halo session now and you’ll have a gorgeous glow in time for summer. Get in touch with RefinedMD by calling the office, starting an online chat, or if you want the fastest response simply complete the online contact form.